Become a part of "Leterforms," an augmented reality experience showcasing the brilliance of dyslexic creativity. Animated letterforms dance, blend, and reshape, revealing the unique cognitive processes of dyslexia at play. Immerse yourself in this illustrative experience, celebrating the power of augmented reality to unveil the magic of dyslexic minds.
The foremost question in my project is 'How can we effectively and accurately depict the experiences of individuals with dyslexia through visual representations of Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs)?'. Being dyslexic myself, my exploration has centered on incorporating these visual representations into digital experiences and leveraging technology to broaden their accessibility to a wider audience. This took on so many different forms throughout the ideation process. I eventually settled on an augmented reality filter, showing the layers of dyslexia processing in an illustrative metaphor.
The final outcome was displayed at the Royal College of Art Digitial Direction showcase. I was able to create an interactive and tactile installation that allowed the audience to experience physical and digital elements in unison.

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“The massive streak of yellow paper, stamped with letters, floating in a tumble of phonetic spellings and words forming their own structures on a floor-to-ceiling canvas of yellow paper. The feeling of slow detanglement of letters to create words was very familiar to me, as someone who was diagnosed with dyslexia at 18 years old. For years I would look at pages and feel like the words were laughing at me as they moved, and I would try to detangle them.
Solenn’s piece evokes a feeling of comfort. The way in which she has captured the chaos of words on the page, an experience that has challenged me throughout my life. Yet, displayed it in a grand scale of art work contextualises my own experiences as something that I do share with others, and that experience can be a powerful thing. Instead of seeing dyslexia as a disability, Solenn’s work is a display of the potential beauty that comes with processing the world in a different way.”
- Feedback from exhibition

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