“The March” is a multi-sensory exhibition on strikes in the UK, exploring the fascinating history and impact of strikes through a variety of means.

Through a series of interactive exhibits, you will be able to hear the voices of striking workers as they share their stories and experiences and see the impact that strikes have had on society, politics, and the economy. You will be asked to place yourself in the middle of these situations, reflect on your impact on industrial action, and feel the physical and emotional toll that strikes take on.

By experiencing strikes in this multi-sensory way, we hope to offer a new perspective on this important part of UK history and encourage visitors to think critically about the role of strikes in shaping the world we live in today.'
"Following the inconclusive strikes of last year, the United Kingdom has faced numerous strike actions during the months of February and March of 2023. It is presumed that some of these will continue further throughout the year. The aim of this is to help amplify the voice of those bearing the burden of unjust practices within the workforce. This is also relevant to anyone in the United Kingdom as each of these strikes has had a significant impact on everyday life in the country."

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