I have always had the desire to develop a cookbook. I felt it was pertinent to emphasize the relationships with food and the rituals associated with them.  Therefore, I created an outcome based on these principles - to repair your relationship with food, your relationship with time, and your relationship with yourself. Using typography from my grandfather and mother, two people who taught me to appreciate the value of a good home-cooked meal, I created this design. In addition to developing recipes and illustrations, I also incorporated curated art, music, and poetry to allow viewers to engage at their own pace. 
Maim - French, to regard something as yummy. Throughout this cookbook please take your time to reflect over the prompts, they are yours for the taking. Slow down, relax, ask a friend to join and take yourself in. You are worthy, you are loved, and enjoy the process. 
Please feel free to use this book however you like; read it in the bath, add your own notes, rip pages out, give it to a friend etc. As long as you're sharing the joy of cooking and reflecting then there are no rules here. 

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