As a member of the design team and the head of the copywriting team, I played a role in the Digital Direction course exhibition for the Royal College of Arts 2023 Degree Show. Our collaborative efforts resulted in a showcase of creative storytelling and technological innovation. Through immersive digital experiences and expertly crafted narratives, we redefined the boundaries of digital art and design. My contributions in both design and copywriting were used in curating the final outcome and voice of the exhibition. The theme followed the ideas of a "digital garden" intertwining narratives and immersive digital media, exemplifying the journey of themes and practices among the students on the course.
Embark on a journey through the roots and sprouts of our growing creative ecosystem; cultivated and nurtured by over 70 artists and designers from the Digital Direction MA programme. Together, we delve into our collective identities and narratives that examine how digital influences shape our personas, minds, emotions, and behaviours. Through nurture, decay, and the pollination between them, we underscore the link between our online environments and physical realities, emphasising core values and aspirations that transcend both realms. The featured works, primarily still in progress, embody the seeds of our critical thinking and creative processes. Intertwine, a living ecosystem, represents our desire to forge connections and reimagine the digital space. This interconnection forms a fertile ground for cross-pollination of ideas, fostering fruitful collaborations and fresh, vibrant perspectives, intersecting storytelling, artistic creation, and immersive technology. The exhibition offers a diverse range of mediums, including VR, AR, digital artworks, sound installations, film, and more. We warmly invite you to experience what it means to foster connections and embrace transformation as Intertwine evolves over time. As you navigate this sensory oasis, let the seeds of inspiration take root in your mind.

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