Gribouille - noun/verb in French for scribble. A nickname given by family from a young age, Gribouille tells a coming-of-age story. Born in a digital hyperpop world Gen Z are on the brink of adulthood, Gribouille is inspired by a journey in an adolescent narrative, one of bored classrooms and decorated workbooks. The resonant subject matter of growing up and letting go on your youth is one well told. 
Gribouille tells such a story, one of creativity in a critical environment, and a struggle to be acknowledged by a society looking for uniformity. The disorganization is confined to the shape of alphabetical characters, perhaps suggestive of someone who thinks in a different way stuck in a restrictive environment. This humanistic typeface, inspired by the worlds of John Hughes and bittersweet nostalgia, aims to tell a story of unspoken ADHD in teenage girls, falling through the cracks in the educational system.
The scribbles and doodles I found in my school notebooks and diaries served as inspiration for my final typeface. As an homage (and thank you) to a younger me, I used photographs of my 14/15 year old self as the backdrop for the final presentation, with the typeface becoming representative of adolescence.

looky here...

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