Hello! I'm Solenn, a graphic designer who finds inspiration in a potent blend of coffee, creativity, and the world around me. I'm all about chasing creativity and practicality hand in hand. 
My journey in design began with a solid foundation from the University of the Arts London. This year, I proudly completed a master's degree at the world-renowned Royal College of Art, where I've continued to refine my skills and push the boundaries of creativity. This then led me to the exciting opportunity to dive into an internship at an award-winning experiential agency, where I worked with clients such as England Rugby, Eurovision, and Guinness.
My passion and dedication lie in the pursuit of designing immersive experiences that seamlessly blend the realms of art and functionality. I believe that great design should not only captivate but also offer practical solutions. Every project I take on is an opportunity to create meaningful connections among individuals and address the unique challenges that come my way.
In my world of design, I'm driven by a commitment to excellence and a desire to tell compelling narratives through my work. Whether it's through awards, exhibitions, or collaborations, my goal is to consistently deliver exceptional results. ​​​​​​​
Take a gander through my portfolio, check out my resume here, and let's kick off a creative journey together. 


Thank you!
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